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Upgrading Music Experience with Social Media


We live in a planet that has 7.3 billion humans and almost 3.4 billion of them are internet users. According to the GWI (Global Web Index), one of the most reliable research sources of social media statistics, the 31% of the total population of earth are active social media users. Indisputably social media has become part of our lives and this is only the beginning. Social media are computer-mediated tools and as a tool it has to be used right to earn the most of it.

As a man i was always really social with the people around me but i realized that as an artist social media is a pretty cool tool to use for my career but also for the record labels around the globe. But first of all as a fan one of the biggest advantages that I have is that I get to reach my favorite artists and sometimes even talk to them. Back in the days all of the music industry was unreachable and the artists were treated like gods, and probably there were much more guidance between them.

So one big upgrade is that when an artist has a song ready or even if he is not sure if it is he can easily upload it to his social media and have the feedback he wants right away and depending on the feedback he can do his next moves and finish an album that will have songs affected from his social media and not from the record labels.

Now let's forget a little bit the record labels and focus on the artist and his social circles. Back in the days when the internet was not used that much and that easy from each and every one people created underground music which is a genre in music and other forms of media intended for an elite audience, that is often characterized by its high levels of originality and experimentation and does not conform to typical standards, trends or hypes as set by the popular mainstream media

So someone could say that underground music is upgraded through the social media because now every artist can talk, collaborate and contribute to much bigger social circles, now every artist in the world can share his/hers work and have many more collaborations rather than before, an artist can find easier where he belongs in the whole world and realize that there are no borders around him.

Let’s face it, social media are helping our music experience upgrade to a higher level but don’t forget that if you have many advantages you'll surely have some disadvantages, people are not easily satisfied nowadays with all that data they collect through the social media and the internet. You will definitely get many likes and many views but that doesn't mean that all of them will come to your show, that also doesn't mean that you are not worthy.

Don’t forget that social media can reach only 3.4 billion of the people worldwide. On the other hand, we've got the magic lives from Radiohead (who recently deleted all of their social media and their site) and the unique shows from Rammstein and they have even more fans than 3.4 billion and we will always expect more from them


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Ski Greece

September 2014

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July 2014

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June 2014

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