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Why you should become a PR freelancer

Now, there is a question that can go so many different ways.

Freelancing in PR has some great advantages. It also comes with some negative points, but in the end, it is all about what you want to do. This can apply to both business and life. But let me tell you, I like to see it as a choice that will not disappoint.

Working as a freelancer is vastly different than maintaining a permanent role in a firm. Let’s see what’s there in becoming a PR freelancer

1.      Flexibility. You can define your working hours according to your daily projects and you can manage your time so as to leave time for leisure, and at the same time not get confined into a 9 – 5 schedule. You decide your work; you decide your time off.

2.      You will be able to work with diversity.  Sounds really simple, but this sentence contains so much more than one perspective.

a.      First, you can choose the people you work with. When you work with people that help you develop your skills,  you will be able to always offer competitive services.

b. You can also choose your work field. Do you prefer content writing, or social media managing, or even strategic plans? You can pick what makes you feel more confident and more creative.

c. Not getting bored is a great boost for your creativity. Diversity helps in keeping a fresh eye on things and that means you will always have more to offer.

d. Development and experience is the strongest outcome. Having worked on various projects, you become an expert in so many fields and you constantly add value to your name and freelancing business.

3.      It doesn’t matter where you are. Nowadays, physical presence does not have such an important role. New technologies help freelancers work all over the world, successfully catering to their clients’ needs. There are social media and communication platforms that help boost such collaborations. Files get shared easily with useful programs and remote working is turning into a fruitful method of work.

4.      More work equals more income. As a freelancer, you can distribute your time among your clients, focusing separately on each one and creating more income for you. In the beginning, this might be the exact opposite. You may consume more time in figuring this out, but once you find an appropriate system of time management, it will all be worth it.

5.      Networking made easy. Technology and internet are massive factors to networking, making it easier than ever for a freelancer to find the right channels to make themselves available to potential customers. You can upload your portfolio and show off your work, you can highlight you experience, you can join websites that let you connect with thousands of people. Network all the time. The right connections will land many jobs for you.

6.      Personality development. Working with different people can enhance your ability to manage, communicate and lead people. The more experience you gain from you freelancing work, the more your personality will adjust to unknown conditions. Eventually, you will become a wonderful candidate for many fields in PR because you will be able to change according to the people around you.


What do you think so far? Can you see yourself working under such a flexible schedule? If you do, you really have to weigh in the disadvantages of this – and any, as a matter of fact – freelancing job: the work will not always be there. There will be times that will be quiet and times that all important projects must be completed at about the same time. If that is a picture you can imagine without worrying, then by all means you should give it a go!  We live in rather difficult times and I think that people must dare to take risks from time to time. Freelancing can help build a better way of life, without missing out on challenges. 

You cannot be successful, without being social


Social media have "conquered" our world. More and more people use various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. Social media provide people the opportunity to meet new people, to communicate with friends, share moments with everybody, while some others use them to promote their businesses, their products or to create new trends!

So, yes! Many professionals and amateurs too are not using Social Media just for candy crush, but for creating a way through their social media pages using them as their best tool to raise brand awareness and make their business well known. Three words are the key words: "Social Media Marketing". However, we need to understand what these words mean.

SMM is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media platforms, and of creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it across the web. You might say that it is like trapping someone only to use him later for free publicity. It is not like this, both sides win equally, and helps many to get in the earned media rather than paid media.

How many times have you been informed about something that you're interested in or you liked to order, from that magical place called Internet, through one social media platform? One of the most notable examples can be taken from the area of technology. Let's be honest, the future is here and the technology of the future is in our hands already. And here stands out the importance of our role as Social Media Marketers. Technology, gadgets and even phones change every week, so somehow we must stay tuned and have someone to inform us. This way Social Media have helped technological advanced products to expand their field and gain new potential clients every day.

Considering all these, we have to keep in mind that many opportunities derive from the usage of Social Media, not only in marketing but in almost every aspect of our daily lives.

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      Our linguists have told us we demand more of them than any of our competitors - and they are proud of that fact because working for us means their work excels.     Before a linguist can work on your business they must qualify for, and enter, our rigorous on-boarding process. To qualify for that process each applicant completes a 500 word test that is judged as a live translation in accordance with our standards. Of the linguists who apply less than 7% are asked to go to the next level: the submission of three additional translation assignments to test translations in their stated area of expertise.     We have a trusted core group of 140 of passionate, dedicated linguists with whom we work consistently and a database of an additional 2500 talented professionals we can access at any given time. .     Our project managers select the right linguists for the right job to insure that by working together we are able to construct the most nuanced and accurate translations possible. Once you are happy with your linguist team we spend time and resources to make sure that these linguists remain part of your Bureau team. We balance fluency and understanding with the tools and innovation leadership Bureau provides. In an industry fraught with transition and change - our core group of linguists have been with us for more than five years.     Our linguists are native in-country. They reside in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa and cover multiple languages and disciplines.           http://bureautranslations.com/       https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bureau-Translations/127479227338361       https://twitter.com/_Translations_          

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November 2013

We promoted Nightstalker through facebook and twitter from scratch signing them tours in Spain and Germany.

Ben Pakulski

April 2014

We felt very honoured to be included in his team and support his social media.

Mr. Dad

July 2013

Skyrocketing Mr. Dad’s social media accounts we provided a chance of showing his work at an expo.


June 2014

It became “a thing” getting six times more downloads and multiple magazine reviews.


July 2014

Promoting Globerove all around the globe we showed the world, about the world.

Ski Greece

September 2014

Do you want to know what happened to Ski Greece? It became an avalanche!


July 2014

United artists from all over the world, chose the most creative agency to represent them.

My Excuse Band

June 2014

With Kickstarter, we drove the band on America and Canada tour.

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We still remember that we were 5 and became 40, most of us millennials.

Not to mention that social media is our core competencies, however graphic design, programming, voice over, content management and writing are new areas of our team life that we conquer.

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